Sesame Prawn Toast


Sesame Prawn Toast


150g raw king prawns
     (peeled and de-veined)
1 Thick sliced white bread
20g sesame seeds

1.Dry prawns on clean tea-towel or kitchen towel.
2.Place prawns on chopping board and mince.
3.Put minced prawns into small mixing bowl.
4.Add teaspoon salt
teaspoon sugar
teaspoon sesame oil
light soy sauce
teaspoon corn flour
Sprinkle of white pepper.
5.Mix well, until sticky
6.Spread prawns on bread evenly, and then sprinkle sesame seeds all over.


1.Heat about 2 inches of oil on wok or frying pan to medium temperature.
2.Put topping side face-down and fry for 4mins then turn over to fry for 1min.
3.Cut into small pieces and serve with sweet chilli sauce.