Steamed Prawn Dumplings


Steamed Prawn Dumplings


250g Raw Prawns (peeled and de-veined)
200g Wheat Starch (24 pieces)
1 Tin of Sliced Bamboo Shoots

Preparation of Filling:

1.Mince prawns with a knife (not too fine).
2.Cut bamboo shoots into small strips.
3.Marinate mince prawns and bamboo shoots with 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of cornflour, tsp of white pepper and 1 tsp of sesame oil for 10 mins.

Preparation of Pastry:

1.Put 200g of wheat starch into a mixing bowl.
2.Add 1 cup of boiling water and 1 tablespoon of cooking oil.
3.Knead it into smooth dough.
4.Divide the dough into 24 pieces and roll 24 balls of dough.
5.Grease a cleaver with oil then use the flat side of the cleaver to press the dough into a thin circle.


1.Place a tsp of filling in the centre of the pastry. Fold the pastry into a semi-circle. Starting at the end, use the index finger and thumb to gather the outside edge to form pleats. Pinch the edges together.
2.Place dumplings into a bamboo steamer or a plate, then steam for 6 mins.

Ready to Serve