Glutinous Rice Snowballs


Glutinous Rice Snowballs


200g Glutinous Rice Flour
50g Wheat Starch
50g Peanuts (skinless)
10g Sesame Seeds
50g Desiccated Coconut

Preparation of Dough:

1.Put glutinous rice flour and wheat starch in a mixing bowl.
2.Add a small cup of water and kneed into smooth dough.

Preparation of Filling:

1.If using raw peanuts, fry them in a dry wok in medium heat (keep stirring)
2.Transfer fried peanuts into a blender, and then blend.
3.Put sesame seeds into a dry wok and fry for 1 min until brown.
4.Add sesame seeds and blended peanuts with 50g of white sugar, mix well.


1.Flatten a piece of dough into a 2 inch concave dough. Place a portion of filling in the centre and gather the edge of the dough to enclose filling. Roll the filled dough into a smooth ball.
2.Place rice balls in a steamer 2 inches apart, then steam for 6 mins.
3.Dip the steamed ball in water then coat with desiccated coconut.

Ready to Serve